6-5-04.  Virginia Bar-B-Que.
I got to play drums for the
Hager twins from the Hee-Haw
television show.






6-4-05.  Won't be easy to top this one.  I
got to be a guest singer with Moore
and Moore, country stars from
Nashville, and they even did
back-up for me.






6-6-09.  I played bass guitar for
Jeannie Seely, Grand Ol' Opry
member at the Virginia Bar-B-Que.
She performed the main show on
Saturday night.

I shot a quick picture while she
was talking to the audience between
songs - this was my view.

It will be hard to top this one -
and I got an "Atta-boy" from her!










August 30, 2009, played Taste of Beardstown
on stage in the downtown park.  It was a beautiful weather day, and things went pretty good.







Played the cocktail hour at the Solid Axle
Corvette Club convention banquet at the University Holiday Inn in Bowling Green, KY.