Going Solo


Here's another example of corporate downsizing.  Solo
gig accomplished by recording
the drums, rhythm, and bass
onto tracks, playing the tracks
and singing and
playing lead guitar live.  In essence then I am
backing myself up.  From
Heartbreak Hotel to New
York, New York, there's nothing like going solo.












2-8-09.  Here you see Rodger Fox, the
kingpin of Ride for the Relay,

The banquet was a rousing success, in spite of my playing the social hour.
Maybe they felt sorry for me, because they hired me to play again this September.

You put on a good banquet, Rodger.







Played the cocktail hour at a banquet in
Bowling Green, KY.  I didn't need three mikes, they were set up for the after-dinner entertainment, Moore and Moore from Nashville.